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Do Gold Eye Strips Actually Work?

February 27, 2019 // Contributor: admin

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goldeyes2 - Do Gold Eye Strips Actually Work?


I have been suffering from the problem of under eye bags since a very early age. My mother had it and I used to think of it as a hereditary problem. This further made me believe that I am never going to have a youthful looking under-eye skin in my life. I always had to use loads of concealer and eye-makeup to hide my eye-bags and puffy eyes.

But then I decided to give eye strips, patches, and masks a try, as they are much in fashion these days. That is when I came across the amazing 24K gold eye patches. These patches not only reduce puffiness but also give you a refreshing feeling. If you too are suffering from the same problem as me and looking to purchase eye patches, here is my take on gold eye strips:

How do the gold eye strips actually help you?
The HAWWWY Gold Eye Patches are made of pure 24K gold added with colloidal gold. Gold has proven qualities that help get rid of toxins in the skin. Gold is said to have the following benefits on skin:

  • It reduces the collagen depletion in the skin drastically.
  • Gold helps in getting rid of the uneven skin tone and lightens the complexion of skin.
  • Gold possesses properties that help in stimulating the cells whilst making the skin firm.
  • Gold is also proven to improve circulation of blood.

All these properties of gold have been infused in the gold eye strips to make your under-eye skin look radiant. Gold has also worked wonders on the health of my eyes. The eye strips also consist of ingredients like Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf-Juice Powder, and Lavandula-Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil.

Aloe Vera Juice-Powder or Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These give a soothing effect to the eyes. Glycerin helps in keeping the skin hydrated and helps in retaining the nutrients of the skin. This is most beneficial for those suffering from dryness and oily skin issues. Lavender oil is said to be one of the best products to prevent wrinkles. Nothing is more irritating that under-eye wrinkles. The presence of lavender oil in the HAWWWY Gold Eye Strips ensures a wrinkle-free skin under the eye.

What Makes The Eye Strips Good For Your Skin?
The eye strips work their magic on your eyes in the following ways:

  • The eye strips help you reverse the clock and make your skin look youthful. The 24K gold eye patches have collagen. Collagen has the essential proteins that increase the elasticity of skin and thus help in tightening the skin. The eye strips help you in naturally lifting the under eye skin and also toning it.
  • As mentioned earlier, the eye strips help in hydrating the skin. It is sometimes difficult to moisturize the under eye skin in a proper and recommended way. The eye strips do that work for you. Hydrated skin looks healthy on the face and makes your eyes look fresh all the time.
  • I am not an expert in beauty, but I can not assert enough on the fact that the HAWWWY Gold Eye Strips were the ultimate solution for my under eye bag treatment. The strips are safe to use and have no side effects on your skin.
  • Dark circles have become a normal problem these days. The circles are often considered to be difficult to get rid of. Presence of dark circles under the eyes can totally change the look of a pretty face. I have a hectic and busy lifestyle which demands sleepless nights and irregular eating habits. But the gold eye strips by 24k help in immediately brightening up the dark circles. It is a great product to use regularly for those who suffer from insomnia and allergies.

My Personal Experience With The Gold Eye Strips
I had many issues regarding my eyes. The most prominent ones were under eye puffiness and under eye bags. I was reluctant to try any products for the betterment of these conditions due to my fear of allergies and side effects. But I finally gave up and tried the HAWWWY Gold Eye Patches.

Those have worked wonders for since then! The first time when I used the eye patches, I noticed an instant firm appearance of the intricate eye skin. As I started to use the eye strips frequently, there was a noticeable reduction of dark circles under my eye.

Whenever I have a tiring day and need to unwind, I make sure to use the HAWWWY Gold Eye Patches. These are very soothing and feels awesome on my eyes. The eye patches feel like a mini spa treatment at home. I have a job due to which I need to travel a lot. So the under eye puffiness due to lack of sleep is unavoidable. The eye patches really help me to look fresh especially when I have a presentation early in the morning. The cases for these strips are travel-friendly and light.

The patches are very easy to use which is why I find them alluring. I have introduced these patches to my husband and now even he is in love with them! Not just the eye strips but the other products from HAWWWY Inc. are also of the best quality. The Snail sheet mask, Steam eye mask, Black rice facial sheet masks, and Brown magic hair bun maker are some other products which I have used and found to be extremely effective. The Snail anti-wrinkle skin repair improves skin texture drastically and also reverses the damage caused by extreme exposure to the sun.

Where Can You Purchase Gold Eye Strips?
The 24K gold eye strips are easily available on Amazon and Walmart. You can compare the product with other products there and make a wise choice. I had ordered from Amazon and I received my order within just two days. You can also order the product from the official website of HAWWWY. The website also offers other products by the brand.

As of my personal experience, I highly recommend using the HAWWWY Gold Eye Strips. These strips are a perfect cure for dark circles, under eye bags and puffiness of eyes. The eye patches can also be useful in cases when there is a burning sensation of eyes due to extreme heat. Gold eye strips really work and you should definitely try them.

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